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This is a community for fans of writing of any style. Feel free to join. The goals are simple: to get positive and negative feedback in order to improve writing skills. Please follow the rules, though they're simple:

1. You may disagree with a writer's viewpoints, style, work, etc., but please do not attack them personally. What they write is their own business, and should you not approve of it, please refrain from attacking them. Negative commentary is acceptable so long as the author of the piece approves it beforehand, and it is not simply a bitter diatribe.
2. Please put a livejournal cut should you piece be not suitable for younger audiences. Thank you.
3. Please put a livejournal cut for all lengthy works. We're fans of livejournal cuts.
4. When joining/making your first post here, an introduction piece would be nice, somewhere along the lines of:

Writing Experience:
Where you heard of this community:
What you plan to get out of it:

5. We all really appreciate commentary on our works, but please make an effort for them to be more than a simple "I like it." Reasons are always welcome, be them good or bad.

*This community is still being modified. Any suggestions to improve its look are welcome.*

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