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[Jan. 24th, 2005|02:55 pm]
Bowser's Dungeon of Words



Name: Chelsea (a mod)
Age: 17
Writing Experience: nothing fancy
Where you heard of this community: bill and i made it!
What you plan to get out of it: a stronger sense of writing

So, here is one short-story that bill liked. hopefully if there is anyone watching our community you'll find it interesting enough to join or leave a comment!

“It’s so cold and dark here. I’m so lonely. Hours later I see him walk into the room, finally! Oh God! How I have missed his hands. I watch him gaze over the room, barely noticing me, like always.

Usually my days are spent sleeping or just watching my surroundings. Nothing here ever changes and sometimes I feel like I want to burst. I remember hearing stories of spontaneous combustion back in the old country and sometimes I worry it might happen to me.

Again! There he is again!

His hands wrap around me and I feel something click. The most amazing energy flows through me as I watch him undress.

The seconds tick by and I’m glowing with passion for my boy. Day after day I’ve watched him grow until…burst!!

As I split in two I faintly heard him curse.”